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Philippine Mining at the National to Catchment Scale

News and Updates

Soil Organic Carbon in the Agno catchment

Soil Organic Carbon in the Agno catchment Elisha C. Delminguez, an undergraduate student from the University of the Philippines Los Baños, is currently working on her undergraduate thesis for selected sites within the Agno River Basin.

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Soil Condition and Symbiotic Mycorrhizal Fungi within Agno Watershed

Projecting the impact of mining on soil conditions will determine the quality of soil for plant growth. Soil physical properties such as color, bulk density, particle density, texture, and pH, are necessary to analyze for us to determine the current condition of the soil as there are several land uses within the Agno River Basin (e.g.mining, upland and lowland agriculture).

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The story behind a sediment sample

As a laboratory technician understanding the origin of samples you’re analysing is invaluable. In February 2023 had the chance to visit sample location sites in the Philippines and discovered there is more than meets the eye.

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